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Fram Wicifruma

Old English texts can be added to the English Wikisource.

Wilcume tō Wikifruma,

þe freo library þe ǣnig cann ādihtan.
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Wikifruma is an online library of freo content publications (see the inclusion policy) collected and maintained by the community. See the help pages for information on getting started and the community portal for ways you can help. Feel free to ask questions at the community discussion page or experiment in the sandbox.
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Wikifruma sweostor projecten


Wikifruma sprǣcum

This is the Englisc sprǣca Wikifruma, which was started in 2006. It currently contains several articles. Wikisources are also being written in many other languages; for a full list, see the Multilingual Wikisource.